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Make instagram make longer videos. Mixing.

Been working so much but tryna practice my mixing whenever I got the time to.
Here’s just some snips I got with my iphonez when I was practicing the last time.
Don’t judge, mixing and taping is weird to do at the same time. #lookmaonehand


Hip Hop Karaoke @ Sawol, Oslo, 24/10.


A little tip for my O-Town kids is to walk they ass to Sawol this thursday and have a shot at hiphop karaoke. Bring the love and
don’t sip on the haterade. I promised that if anyone did an old school Snoop Dogg or an Outkast song – good, they will have
my hand in marriage. And who the fuck would pass up on that? Nah’mean. Also, I might sing Khia – My Neck My Back with William.

Hip Hop karaoke går ut på å rappe til hip hop og r&b låter som ikke har vokal. Liker du karaoke, men synes låtvalgene er kjipe? Digger du Hip Hop og rnb? Har du noen gang stått å rappet for deg selv eller foran andre? Hvis du svarer ja på et av disse spørsmålene er Hip Hop karaoke trolig noe for deg! Vi bidrar med tekstene, musikken, scene, tre mikrofoner (hvis du ikke tør å opptre alene), en DJ og en hype dame eller mann! Alt du trenger å gjøre er å registrere deg og scenen er din!

Copied from the event page.

Jaqe and Henok Achido… a possible dream duo?

I got the same feeling hearing them spit these verses in these two different songs. Which makes me feel
like they should do a song together and spit some trill shit. They both have a very unique flow, you need two
seconds of Jaqe’s flow to hear that it’s him and only him. They both straight up slayed these two songs so much
that I don’t even gick a fuck who else is spitting in the tracks. (Sorry Norway.)

A Bunch Of Deckheads @ Sawol, 3rd Aug.


Meet Hope. Other than being a deckhead he’s a tall, nice and often drunk guy (aka a real Londoner). Actually I’m pretty sure
Hope actually is a short for Hope-he-doesn’t-fall-down-the-stairs. He gets the green card for that though.
Although he did keep it on the low-key this saturday so I’m not gonna be too rough on this fella.

And here’s our man Nigel also known as Mr. Dex. He’s a gentleman with a great accent. Also, beard game on point.

So let’s talk a little bit about the night, I gotta adress some things haha. First of all you will never meet hype men
like these two guys. We had a birthday party at Sawol, before they got there. Somewhere in the beginning of their set
Hope yelled out ”So who’s birthday is it?” and the whole crowd went nuts. This, I thought was hilarious, I was like ”Damn,
It’s all of you guys’ birthday tonight or what?”. It proves that you gotta give a little something to make the crowd get hype –
but also that sometimes it doesn’t really matter what.


The night started out with some soulful tunes. Their motto is ”It’s not what you know it’s what you feel” which
I actually think embodies them well. They genuinely love playing music and having a good time with the crowd, and
it shows. Dex and Hope also have this magic ability of fading two records that don’t all go together and make them
sound like they were seperated at birth. Which is astonishing to say the least. It was a jampacked night and there’s
many more of those to come.

One thing I also love about them is that they have the balls to play some tunes that certain dj’s would be hesitant
to play. You see, if you work at a club, especially a hiphop one you’ll soon find out that when dj’s play some tunes, let’s say
for example of 90’s songs. They stick to the ones that are somewhat street-cred-worthy. You can imagine how many times I’ve
heard TLC – No Scrubs. A Bunch Of Deckheads are the kind of men that wouldn’t be embarrassed to play those
other songs that people want to hear and know all the words of – but wouldn’t necessarily ask for in person.

hands hopenigel

Photo cred goes out to Roger Olden.
Editing done by me.

Gotta give a little shoutout to..



all the kids who’s seeing this pretty mothafucka tonight in Oslo.

We miss ya at work. I’ve already seen A$AP Rocky two times so I’m not even really that sad
I’m not going. Hope he performs Kissin’ Pink, Keep it G, and Thuggin’ Noise. Only thing I
would maybe be a little upset that I’m missing is Fucking Problems.

A little video from one of his shows in Gothenburg.

Radio Killa w/ Mathias Rödahl & DJ Shorty @ Sawol (24/05).


”35 år gamle Terius Nash aka The-Dream er utvilsomt en av de viktigste personene på dagens R&B-scene, og har satt en ny standard innen sjangeren med sitt arbeid for både seg selv og andre artister.

Med sitt nye album, ”IV Play” rett rundt hjørnet, og en musikalsk katalog som strekker seg fra Rihanna og Beyonce til Chris Brown og Usher, er en markering ikke bare på sin plass….det er rett og slett en nødvendighet!

I den anledning tar Mathias Rødahl og DJ Shorty grep på Sawol, fredag 24. mai med en kveld dedikert til The-Dream og hans enorme utvalg av godlåter. Har vi flaks, rekker vi dessuten å få tak i den nye skiva i tide, og DA blir det fest da!”

Quote copied from here.

Come out and dance Oslo.