Etikettarkiv: Music video

L3MON – One More Time

My dear friend Matt Adam just released this video that has been featured on hypetrak.
Love this joint, great producing and editing.



Reminiscing about Sweden.

A video I made with my friends. Awesome times. 12 hours of non stop painting, true passion.

A little sad video I made with S.T.I.C.S, in our hometown.

Are we going to talk about…

… how Angel Haze just released the most odd music video in a while?
In some ways as much as I like this video, I’m not genuinely surprised by anything that comes with it.
I don’t know if it’s the Odd Future-wave of atrocities that came with hip-hop the past couple of years,
that makes me think this ”weird shit”-era is already a little bit played out.

Although I have to say this is more creative and in some way uplifting than just having an
overweight girl twerk á Odd Future – Rella and Action Bronson – Strictly for my Jeeps.
Even if so that was the first thing I related this video with when I laid eyes on it.

The tiny woman runs the whole video though, look at those fucking Jesus socks. Werk.
(Also maybe old dawg playing chess, he hitting ‘em notes right tho. Flow.)