Etikettarkiv: Kid Sister

In the booth.

Straight chillin, mixing beats.

And here’s just a random video of me feelin’ myself.


Why Kinda Neat’s youtube channel is addictive.

So if you guys haven’t heard about Kinda Neat and its youtube channel you should most certainly check it out. It’s a music
podcast but after their interviews the artists perform a song in one take, that they later put out on their youtube channel.
If I’m gonna be real I usually miss the podcasts but I never miss a video. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just a visual person
or that I’m just too lazy. One great thing about KN is that they have a lot of ”new” talent, so when you tune in you’re always
going to get something that’s fairly fresh and interesting. I also love that it’s both female and male artists, which I think is
something a lot of forums are missing out on. Kinda Neat also have a lot of different people on their channel so it never really
goes cliché (a lot of the people rapping or singing there have very different sounds and flows). KN also have a genuine
feeling about them, like they genuinely love music and doesn’t rely on drama to move their posts forward or get hype.

So here are some of my favorite videos from the past weeks/months.

So this is (as of now) the newest video and I’m completely obsessed. Now, Kid Sister is not by any means a new kid
on the block but shit – I’m so impressed by this delivery. It’s just an awesome song that I’m a bit spellbound to.


So if you haven’t heard Alexander Spit you definitely should give it a go. His Album ”A breathtaking trip to the
otherside” is available on Spotify, so hit that ish. There’s something so captivating about his effortless (no, that’s not a diss)
flow. It just sounds to me like he has rap in his veins, words roll off his tounge so damn easily.. it’s comforting.
It actually kind of reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt’s flow. He also have a couple of good features on his album,
like Action Bronson, Bago and Mr MFN eXquire. So cop it.


Now this woman just blows my mind into a million pieces. Like the second you hear her voice you just fall so hard.
I really hope and pray that this chick blows up because I could easily see myself clinging on to her albums for dear life.

There are plenty artists on Kinda Neat with great videos out there, I chose these three
because they’re a good representative of the variety they display and also, I just like them.