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In the booth.

Straight chillin, mixing beats.

And here’s just a random video of me feelin’ myself.


Snow Tha Product.

Our US girl Snow recently made a song with Trae called On Now. I must say she’s one of the most consistently fierce rappers to date, and one I’ve loved following for the past couple of years. I feel like I’m just waiting for her to rule the femme rap scene. Last week I came across an (old) interview with Gangsta Boo where she said Snow was ”snappin”. Which is pretty much a perfect way to describe Snow’s rapid flow.

I see no stopping her, and she’s definitely one rapper who keeps me guessing what’s next. And as she says she’s finna hurt more than just feelings… I’m expecting to see some bitches knocked off their pedestals.

Sidenote: I just checked her up on Wikipedia… turns out we have the same birthday. Interesting coincidence.