Etikettarkiv: Beyoncé

In the booth.

Straight chillin, mixing beats.

And here’s just a random video of me feelin’ myself.


Last week’s IRL shopping.


Everybody and their moms know I think Beyoncé is Messiah, so of course I had to check out the H&M x Beyoncé collection (even though I don’t really support H&M). What surprised me what that there was actually way more pieces in the collection than I had thought, and through what came across in the lookbook/trailer/adverts. Immediately I had my eyes stuck to this black bodysuit one-piece, which is not very surprising since I can never have enough bodysuits. It was also one of the pieces that actually had the most ”Beyoncé-feel” to it. Other than that there was a lot of prints (mostly tie-dyes), fringes, and long beachy flowy dresses.

The collection, after all, turned out to be (a little bit) more interesting than I thought but also nothing at all what I expected. Beyoncé the last few years has for me had a more structured than print-y vibe and a lot more 50’s inspired cuts. But yeah, I bet she was just on the H&M business meeting with her stylists going ”That’s alright. Scratch that one. I want that one in another colour. No. No. Okay.”

I also bought a regular black pant from Cheap Monday, since I’m going to be a waiter tomorrow I needed one. (I rarely wear pants). ((Yep I’m a pervert)).